Lose the Battle, Win the War

The media would like to have you believe that everyone who is against vaccine mandates is right-wing, white and voted for Trump. This is untrue.

The medical freedom movement (which consists of the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike) is multiculturally and politically diverse, and includes people of all ages. I know this because I’ve attended several marches and rallies organized by TeachersforChoice.org and the NY Freedom Rally, and I see this with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears. One of the local leaders of this movement is Jo Rose, who is a black woman. Her trademark is a flowered crown in her hair, so it’s easy to spot her as she lead the marches with her bullhorn. She lost her job with the Department of Education because she isn’t vaccinated.

At the August 25, 2021 Teachers for Choice Rally, I was approached by two members of Louis Farrakhan’s organization, the Nation of Islam. They wanted to give me their newspaper, The Final Call. The headline? “YOU CAN’T FORCE US TO TAKE YOUR VACCINE!” The front page was a photo of a packed street in Barbados, where people were protesting against mandatory vaccinations. The paper contained articles about the dangers of mandates and how they easily can lead to tyrannical government overreach.

People around the world are protesting vaccine restrictions, mandates and passports in large numbers, but you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media. You have to look on social media. I suggest Rise Melbourne on Twitter if you want to see videos from countries around the world, like Australia, Italy, Isreal and France, where people have taken to the streets in protest of the coming tyranny.

Black Lives Matter of Greater NY (not affiliated with the national BLM organization) is against vaccine mandates. Members of this BLM chapter have come out to medical freedom marches. This means that the Black Liberation flag has been seen waving in the same place and at the same time as the Thin Blue Line Police flag. This reflects an unlikely meeting of the minds, but you won’t ever hear about this on “the news.”

The woman speaking is Jackie Martinez, FDNY Firefighter and Women’s Outreach Coordinator

Everyone at these marches sees the threat inherent in being forced to accept “shots” in exchange for the right to participate in cultural events, eat inside a restaurant and to earn a living. The story is that this infringement on the rights of the unvaccinated is necessary to keep everyone safe. As per the director of the CDC, these shots to do not prevent transmission of the virus. As per Anthony Fauci, the infected vaccinated carry viral loads equal to the infected unvaccinated. These statements were clearly made and are on record.

We are all capable of spreading the virus, and we are all capable of losing our freedoms, whether you are vaccinated or not. As Naomi Wolf said, They never stop with the other side. Government’s job is to protect all of our inherent rights and freedoms. But that’s not what the government is currently doing, and this is frightening enough to a large enough cross-section of humanity, that we are coming together to fight this.

Could we be on the brink of breaking out of the endless and exhausting battles we have been fighting with our fellow Americans? Democrats vs. Republicans, liberal vs. conservative, Trump vs. Hillary, Trump vs. Everyone, Trump vs. Biden, white vs. black, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, right vs. left, Fox vs. CNN….

Everyone says that the “country has never been more divided.” It’s as though our government and the media know just what to do to make us angry and turn away from one another…..maybe it’s been by design? It’s as though they don’t believe the American public is capable of compassionate, nuanced thought, open-heartedness and intelligent reasoning.

They say that a house divided will fall. Could this be the time that we give in to each other and lose the battles in order to win the war?

I’ll be working on dismantling my inner barricades to others and opening my heart.

I want to win this war and be free.