Overwhelmed Hospitals! Are nothing new.

Suddenly, and predictably, the media is “overwhelming” me with fear-mongering “news” about the Omicron variant and how the President wants the unvaccinated to get ready for a winter full of illness and death (guess he still doesn’t know that a there are treatments for Covid and three shots doesn’t stop the spread).

Justin Hart of Rational Ground complied a list of news clips and headlines from around the country in 2017-2018, which was a very bad flu season.

Check out this headline from the LA Times dated January 16, 2018:

“California hospitals face a “war zone” of flu patients–and are setting up tents to treat them

And it goes on to describe:

Hospitals across the state are sending away ambulances, flying in nurses from out of state…..Others are canceling surgeries and erecting tents in their parking lots so they can triage the hordes of flu patients….There’s a little bit of a feeling of being in the trenches…..Connie Cunningham and her staff at Loma Linda University Medical Center were triaging so many flu patients that they assembled what looks like a giant brown camping tent in their emergency room parking lot…”It’s like trying to surf a tsunami,” said Dr. Brian Johnston…

“Palomar Medical Center Escondido in northern San Diego County also pulled out a flu tent this month, but was still so busy that some patients were treated in the hallways….now they’re running low on beds….staff began clearing out an area that was being used as storage…”

It was the same story on the East coast. where this Time article describes tents being set up in hospital parking lots in New Jersey, Pennsylvania as well as in Alabama (“Hospitals Overwhelmed by Flu Patients Are Treating Them in Tents“).

Well, that sounds dire. So the country has been here before. Except this time, hospitals are starting the winter understaffed due to so many nurses getting fired because of vaccine mandates. Yes, firing frontline workers who likely HAD COVID, and who served us heroically during the pandemic makes so much sense. Isn’t a slap in the face at all, and I’m sure their absence will be very helpful during this much anticipated “covid surge.”

Sounds like we are in for the much promised “normal” winter the media promised the vaccines would bring!

Here’s my suggestion for a happy winter. Take vitamin D and TURN OFF YOUR T.V.

DeBlasio: Unconstitutional and Unscientific

Mayor Comrade Bill DeBlasio of New York City recently issued yet another vaccine mandate.

Starting today, all children 5 years old and up will be required to show proof of one vaccine dose to gain entrance to indoor dining, fitness and entertainment venues. Prior to now, all New Yorkers 12 and older had to show their papers at the door. Acceptable proof is the physical vaccination card, as well as virtual proof on the following apps: NYC Covid Safe App, the Clear Health Pass or the Excelsior Pass.

Also, all employees working in the private sector must be vaccinated with the covid vaccine by December 26. First it was healthcare workers, then it was teachers, then it was city workers, and now everyone needs the shot to have a job in the City of New York.

Meanwhile, President Joe “Vaccines Shouldn’t Be Mandatory” Biden’s federal vaccine mandates are getting shot down all over the country.

On November 30, a federal judge in Louisiana issued a ruling that blocks, nationwide, Biden’s mandate that healthcare workers be vaccinated. The suit, led by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, was joined by 12 other states: Montana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia.

Louisiana federal Judge Terry Doughty wrote: “If the executive branch is allowed to usurp the power of the legislative branch to make laws, two of the three powers conferred by our Constitution would be in the same hands. If human nature and history teach us anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency. During a pandemic such as this one, it is even more important to safeguard the separation of powers set forth in our Constitution to avoid erosion of our liberties.”

This means that hospitals funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) don’t have to worry about losing their funding if they aren’t complying with an unconstitutional mandate. Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors was blocked nationwide on December 7. In November, a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals permanently blocked the federal Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) from implementing and enforcing its mandate that workers at businesses with 100 or more employees be vaccinated or tested weekly.

In spite of this, Comrade DeBlasio is ramming his mandates forward. Upon announcement of his latest mandate, DeBlasio said, “We in New York City have decided to use a pre-emptive strike to really do something bold to stop the further growth of covid and the dangers it’s causing to all of us.”

I have a few problems with this statement.

First of all, “we” haven’t decided anything. DeBlasio decided all by himself, without involving the NY State Legislature (which consists of the Senate and Assembly). the City Council or the people of NYC.

Second of all, it is apparent EVERYWHERE that vaccines are not stopping the “growth of covid.” If you read the news you can see this. But the vaccine’s inability to do this is verified by this study published on September 30, which found a “lack of meaningful association between the percentage of population fully vaccinated and new Covid cases.” Countries with 75% of the population vaccinated (such as Iceland and Poland) had far more covid cases than countries with rates as low as 10% (such as Vietnam and South Africa). The same “lack of meaningful association” occurred in heavily vaccinated U.S. counties versus counties with low rates of vaccination. Of the top 5 most vaccinated counties in the USA, the CDC classified 4 of them as experiencing “high transmission” of the virus, while those counties with low rates had low transmission rates as well.

Third of all, the latest Omicron variant is not, by any metric, dangerous. Even its discoverer in South Africa is baffled by the worldwide panic Omicron is causing, as the symptoms of infection are very mild. Every story and report about Omicron verifies this. Furthermore, the vaccines were designed for the ORIGINAL SARS-COv2 virus, not its variants. In the real world this latest variant appears to manifest as a common cold for the vast majority of people.

In fact, Pfizer says that 2 doses of the vaccine may not be sufficient to protect against Omicron, which is why they want you to get three shots. In Israel, you actually need three shots to be considered fully vaccinated; two shots will make your Green Pass invalid.

But that actually is going to work out fine for Comrade DeBlasio and his successor, Eric Adams who is really excited to keep rolling out mandates. You now need vaccine papers to work in NYC. Just imagine needing an endless series of boosters to keep your job. Congratulations to the people of New York City! The Mayor (by way of Big Pharma) now grants you permission to support and feed yourself.

No means No in Martinque

Martinque and Guadeloupe are French territories in the Caribbean. As he did in mainland France, President Emmanuel Macron is mandating healthcare workers there be vaccinated and citizens produce proof of vaccination to enter public buildings, including restaurants, cafes and libraries.

The residents of these territories did not want to accept shots in exchange for jobs or the ability to move about freely in public. The revolt against Macron’s mandates have been widespread, angry and in some instances, violent.

This civil unrest has its roots in past abuse by the French government. For decades, a pesticide called Chlordecone (also known as Kepone) was sprayed on banana crops. In 1975, Kepone was banned in the United States as it caused a variety of serious health complications including tremors, memory loss, low sperm counts and cancer. Although aware of its devastating effects on humans, France didn’t ban the use of Kepone on these French islands until 1993. It has been found that almost all residents of Martinique and Guadeloupe have traces of this pesticide in their bodies, and the water and soil is still very contaminated. Guadeloupe has the highest rate of prostate cancer in the world.

Consequently, the people have a deep distrust of the government because of this deceit and its callous disregard for their health. They are aggressively questioning whether the mandates and passports are really about their health at all. In fact, on Guadeloupe the pushback against the government’s mandates has been described by local military police as “quasi-insurrectional.”

If you look around the world, you see a pattern and it is the same on these islands. In Martinique, 5,950 people had been infected with Covid by the end of 2020 and 43 people had died (or 0.011% of the entire population). Then the vaccines were rolled out in the Spring of 2021. By the end of August 2021 there were 36,646 cases of Covid, and of those 405 had died. The role vaccines may play in these leaps in cases post-mass vaccination is a subject of debate and discussion among scientists, virologists and epidemiologists.

Regardless of the case increases, Martinicans and Guadeloupeans do not want vaccine mandates and passports. As is often the case, people do not respond well to the government using coercion to get them to inject things into their bodies.

Especially when the government did not give a damn while their bodies were destroyed for years by pesticides.

Sometimes a “quasi-insurrection” is what it takes to make them listen. Although supposedly the vaccine mandates and passports are “non-negotiable”, the French government is postponing their mandate deadlines on these islands, and those workers placed on unpaid leave for refusing the vaccine will now be paid while “dialoging” with their managers.

To be continued…..


Dr. Paul Marik is 63 years old. He is an endowed professor of Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA, where is he also the Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He is the most widely cited physician-scholar on the planet (over 18,000 citations) with regard to critical care and emergency medicine, having published 524 papers on these topics.

Dr. Marik is a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. In fact, he is the longtime director of the hospital’s intensive care unit. Dr. Marik is also a founding member of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. He and four other doctors (soon joined by many others) formed an alliance early on in the pandemic to re-purpose existing FDA-approved drugs to treat Covid. They were successful in their mission.

Ivermectin was one drug that the FLCCC found to be very effective, especially when used as an early treatment at the first sign of illness or a positive covid test result. It kept many many people out of the hospital and off of ventilators. If you visit FLCCC.net you will find an abundance of data and studies supporting its use.

Dr. Marik has been using ivermectin, as well as other FDA-approved drugs to treat his patients at the hospital for months. Those drugs include Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) IV, bicalutamide, dutasteride, finasteride and fluvoxamine.

According to an article in The Virginian Pilot, Dr. Marik is suing the hospital. Hospital “officials” told this eminent physician with decades of ER and critical care experience to stop using these medicines. In September, they banned him from using his successful treatment protocols. Why? Because the government warns against using these drugs that existed before Covid, to treat Covid.

Inconveniently, Dr. Marik found that some of these drugs (including ivermectin) to be highly effective treatments for Covid before the vaccines were rolled out.

The Emergency Use Authorization for the covid vaccines could not have been justified if there were already effective treatments available for the disease.

I’ll let you connect the dots.

Hospital “officials” and government bureacrats are getting in between doctors and their patients. They are telling doctors to stop doctoring; using their experience, knowledge and research to come up with treatment protocols. Doctors who disobey the government and continue to act in their patient’s best interests are punished, forced to deprive their patients of drugs they know will help them, even save their lives.

“This is not normal,” said Dr. Marik. “It’s cruel and unusual punishment.”

This is our country now. Where doctors are expected to treat patients according to what hospital “officials” think is best.

For the government.

Coming Soon!

Mayor Comrade DeBlasio would like every New Yorker, vaccinated or not, to test for the virus prior to Thanksgiving. Our covid stats are very low, and that just won’t do. You see, in European countries with high vaccination rates, cases are rising. And that’s enough to lockdown the unvaccinated in Austria and to keep rolling out Vaccine Passports. See what Europeans have to look forward to? Their phones can scold them if their temperatures are “abnormal” (I suppose the phone gets to decide what is normal) or if they aren’t wearing a mask. Fun!

Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated and 40% of the people have had boosters. But Gibraltar has 5 times as many covid cases as it had the same time last year; a 20% infection rate. Our intelligent world leaders don’t ask why that is, they just keep repeating “Get Vaccinated” like automatons. You see, they’ve already declared the vaccines to be safe and effective. It’s “science” to just stick with a simple statement and not use incoming data to adjust your understanding of reality.

NYC numbers are the lowest in NY state, but that’s just because too many people are living their lives and not testing for covid often enough. Comrade DeBlasio would like a repeat of last year, when lines at CityMDs were around the block, full of anxious people wanting to see their families at Thanksgiving.

So he’d like you to go get tested. This way, we can discover more cases and pad that number with lots of false positives. I mean, if nobody is testing we can’t see the numbers rise, can we? So, go get tested and help get those numbers up! Get a jump start on what will surely be rising cases this winter, if Gibraltar is anything to go by!

Maybe then, he can justify making his Key to NYC more intrusive and tyrannical and issue more mandates. I’m sure he likes this made in China digital system and would like to work that technology into his Pass. Then the Key to NYC can become the Key to Life! Doesn’t that sound magical?