Why the name, Distressed Liberal?

This is a term coined by the writer and feminist, Naomi Wolf. She is a self-described lifelong, left-leaning liberal who has been an advisor to the political campaigns of President Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

In an interview given on July 29, 2021 to Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times, she now describes herself as a “distressed liberal” and elaborates:

“Something’s wrong. I worked really hard to elect Joe Biden. I campaigned for him. We ran campaigns for his policies. I worked really hard using my voice to defeat President Trump. I think there are a lot of things wrong with conservatism that we can talk about if you like, but classical liberalism, individual rights, freedom of speech, my body, my choice, equality, equality of opportunity, has been almost besmirched. And what has arisen really quickly in its place–and it really got consolidated since November–is a kind of very totalitarian CCP-style or fascistic ideological rigidity that I don’t recognize.”

A portion of the interview is below, where she also discusses the dangers of censorship and medical coercion. Another video she made explaining why vaccine or “health” passports are an imminent threat to human freedom, can be found here under Vaccine Passport Warning. These passports are being rolled out globally and NYC is ground zero for roll-out in the USA.

The first step is acknowledging the threat. The next step is rejecting all vaccine mandates and passport policies.

Thank you for reading and watching.


Your Body is Where Totalitarianism Takes Place

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