Year Three, and Shared Realities Keep Disappearing

It has been three years since “the pandemic” began.

For some, “the pandemic” remains a legitimate event that caused governments around the world to react. These reactions were considered not only appropriate but necessary to contain a deadly virus. It was okay to send the economy and children’s educations into a downward spiral. All government induced revocations of rights: to work, learn, enter public spaces or to make private medical decisions without coercion or threats, were justified and whatever legal and social precedents established were welcomed.

For these people, this blog is most likely the stuff of conspiracies and paranoia. However, I believe many people have a sense that “something was/is off” about the past three years. It is only a question of where you are on that spectrum.

My opinion is that the “pandemic” is part of an ongoing episode, wherein a very treatable virus that was dangerous to relatively few was, and continues to be, massively mishandled by Government and its Media apparatchik. Indeed, the government should have been barely involved with it.

For example, there is still no explanation for why NY Governor Cuomo ordered ill seniors back into their nursing homes, and were NOT quarantined from other residents, while healthy people at little risk from the virus were confined to their homes for months on end. This mixing of the well and unwell in nursing homes produced the predictable result of covid spreading like wildfire in these settings, killing many.

There is still no explanation as to why the official government response in 2020 was to NOT treat those with covid symptoms at home with a variety of existing, FDA approved drugs. There also is no explanation as to why ventilation was the predominant “official” covid intervention in early 2020. Most people who end up on a ventilator die; why not treat the patient before it gets that bad? Dr. George Fareed wrote a book called Overcoming The Covid Darkness explaining how he did just that and saved 7,000 people from Covid. Yet, doctors like the Harvard educated George Fareed were ignored, pilloried and censored.

Then, the vaccine mandates rolled out in 2021. Declining to take a vaccine made in a matter of weeks with a technology never before deployed on any kind of scale, with about six months of testing behind it, was perfectly reasonable. But to the government and most of media, covid vaccines were all benefit, no risk and to think otherwise was heresy. How could this possibly be? To even ponder the question earned you the dreaded “anti-vaxxer” label, a pejorative clearly meant to shut down dissent and honest scientific investigation.

The truth is, these covid shots were never even tested for transmission in the initial trials. And this lie–the lie of transmission, as it were–was the VERY REASON, the justification, for vaccine mandates. And yes, Fauci et al promised the “virus would stop with you” if you took your shots. We can all catch and transmit the virus, yet only the “fully vaccinated” were granted the “privilege” of sitting in a restaurant or having a job during 2021 and 2022 in the formerly great City of New York.

My opinion is that vaccine mandates were illogical, immoral and illegal, and if you take a look in this blog you will see Supreme Court judges who agree and ruled against such mandates. Yet many vaccinated people believed otherwise and felt mandated vaccination was justified to “stop the spread” and protect others, even as they themselves spread Covid. This reflects a blatant disconnect from reality into which people were deliberately lead, and it occurred on a global scale.

The government’s “covid response” was based on the delusion of scientific consensus. It is distinctly illiberal to manufacture consensus by censoring scientific dissent or discrediting those who questioned one size fits all countermeasures. People were punished for going against the Government’s Big Pharma solution. And furthermore, it was entirely predictable that many people would see all this and resist. Yet, the Government and Media pretended otherwise, created the “anti-vaxxer” label and stoked yet more societal division (and then sadly sighed, “we’ve never been more divided….”).

So, what is the big picture here? Why did this happen? What is going on?

I’m still sorting that out, and I have a few theories. What I do believe is that we live in a false reality of sorts. What we see on our screens is curated and scripts are written to sway an audience. The very definition of “vaccine” was changed by the CDC in 2021 to better reflect the reality that covid vaccines do not confer immunity to recipients. The public’s long held understanding of what vaccines do was exploited, and then the meaning changed. Have we all caught up? Does everyone know (and agree with) the new definition?

More and more, we are losing our shared realities. “The Pandemic” is a perfect example. Some were scared of a virus and others were scared of the government. Some of us have heard of the Great Reset, and others have no idea what that is. Those who cling to the “safe and effective” mantra believe the covid vaccine-injured do not exist or are fakes. It was verboten to speculate that the virus was made in a lab, until it wasn’t. We are all “allowed” to know only what Media will tell us. Straying from the mainstream established narrative ensures some kind of punishment or exclusion. Until, it doesn’t. Why?

I believe that massive and avoidable harm (on multiple levels including physically, psychologically and spiritually) was deliberately done to the general public, all in the name of “the pandemic”. Beyond that, I am open to all explanations.

3 thoughts on “Year Three, and Shared Realities Keep Disappearing”

  1. Very well written and you took all the words out of my mouth ( a lot more eloquently). This entire “pandemic” (I call it a scamdemic) feels like we are stuck in a dystopian world.


  2. I agree completely Erica. In the first few weeks it was easy to write off all the insane policies as stupid people doing stupid things out of fear. This went on way to long and was way to coordinated to still believe it was just fear and stupidity. All the decisions went the same direction; they increased rather than decreased the number of people impacted by the virus. I can think of no benign explanation for this.


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