Year Three, and Shared Realities Keep Disappearing

It has been three years since “the pandemic” began.

For some, “the pandemic” remains a legitimate event that caused governments around the world to react. These reactions were considered not only appropriate but necessary to contain a deadly virus. It was okay to send the economy and children’s educations into a downward spiral. All government induced revocations of rights: to work, learn, enter public spaces or to make private medical decisions without coercion or threats, were justified and whatever legal and social precedents established were welcomed.

For these people, this blog is most likely the stuff of conspiracies and paranoia. However, I believe many people have a sense that “something was/is off” about the past three years. It is only a question of where you are on that spectrum.

My opinion is that the “pandemic” is part of an ongoing episode, wherein a very treatable virus that was dangerous to relatively few was, and continues to be, massively mishandled by Government and its Media apparatchik. Indeed, the government should have been barely involved with it.

For example, there is still no explanation for why NY Governor Cuomo ordered ill seniors back into their nursing homes, and were NOT quarantined from other residents, while healthy people at little risk from the virus were confined to their homes for months on end. This mixing of the well and unwell in nursing homes produced the predictable result of covid spreading like wildfire in these settings, killing many.

There is still no explanation as to why the official government response in 2020 was to NOT treat those with covid symptoms at home with a variety of existing, FDA approved drugs. There also is no explanation as to why ventilation was the predominant “official” covid intervention in early 2020. Most people who end up on a ventilator die; why not treat the patient before it gets that bad? Dr. George Fareed wrote a book called Overcoming The Covid Darkness explaining how he did just that and saved 7,000 people from Covid. Yet, doctors like the Harvard educated George Fareed were ignored, pilloried and censored.

Then, the vaccine mandates rolled out in 2021. Declining to take a vaccine made in a matter of weeks with a technology never before deployed on any kind of scale, with about six months of testing behind it, was perfectly reasonable. But to the government and most of media, covid vaccines were all benefit, no risk and to think otherwise was heresy. How could this possibly be? To even ponder the question earned you the dreaded “anti-vaxxer” label, a pejorative clearly meant to shut down dissent and honest scientific investigation.

The truth is, these covid shots were never even tested for transmission in the initial trials. And this lie–the lie of transmission, as it were–was the VERY REASON, the justification, for vaccine mandates. And yes, Fauci et al promised the “virus would stop with you” if you took your shots. We can all catch and transmit the virus, yet only the “fully vaccinated” were granted the “privilege” of sitting in a restaurant or having a job during 2021 and 2022 in the formerly great City of New York.

My opinion is that vaccine mandates were illogical, immoral and illegal, and if you take a look in this blog you will see Supreme Court judges who agree and ruled against such mandates. Yet many vaccinated people believed otherwise and felt mandated vaccination was justified to “stop the spread” and protect others, even as they themselves spread Covid. This reflects a blatant disconnect from reality into which people were deliberately lead, and it occurred on a global scale.

The government’s “covid response” was based on the delusion of scientific consensus. It is distinctly illiberal to manufacture consensus by censoring scientific dissent or discrediting those who questioned one size fits all countermeasures. People were punished for going against the Government’s Big Pharma solution. And furthermore, it was entirely predictable that many people would see all this and resist. Yet, the Government and Media pretended otherwise, created the “anti-vaxxer” label and stoked yet more societal division (and then sadly sighed, “we’ve never been more divided….”).

So, what is the big picture here? Why did this happen? What is going on?

I’m still sorting that out, and I have a few theories. What I do believe is that we live in a false reality of sorts. What we see on our screens is curated and scripts are written to sway an audience. The very definition of “vaccine” was changed by the CDC in 2021 to better reflect the reality that covid vaccines do not confer immunity to recipients. The public’s long held understanding of what vaccines do was exploited, and then the meaning changed. Have we all caught up? Does everyone know (and agree with) the new definition?

More and more, we are losing our shared realities. “The Pandemic” is a perfect example. Some were scared of a virus and others were scared of the government. Some of us have heard of the Great Reset, and others have no idea what that is. Those who cling to the “safe and effective” mantra believe the covid vaccine-injured do not exist or are fakes. It was verboten to speculate that the virus was made in a lab, until it wasn’t. We are all “allowed” to know only what Media will tell us. Straying from the mainstream established narrative ensures some kind of punishment or exclusion. Until, it doesn’t. Why?

I believe that massive and avoidable harm (on multiple levels including physically, psychologically and spiritually) was deliberately done to the general public, all in the name of “the pandemic”. Beyond that, I am open to all explanations.

NYC Vax Mandate on City Workers Ends: “It Was A Punishment And They Weren’t Given Due Process”

On Friday, February 10, 2023 the covid vaccine will be optional for city workers. It will no longer be a requirement to work for the city. Also, public school buildings will no longer be checking vax papers, so unvaccinated parents can now attend school plays and parent-teacher conferences in person.

This does not mean that the 1,780 workers who were fired for refusing to submit proof of vaccination will just go back to work. It means they have to re-apply to their former agencies for a job, and hopefully a job will still be there. And, they are not entitled to any backpay.

James McCarthy, President of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association said, “We’re suing to have back pay for all the members that were put on leave without pay. One of the litigations is that it was illegal. It was a punishment and they weren’t given due process.”

Other Unions such as the Detectives Endowment Association (DEA) and the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) have vowed to sue for members’ backpay.

The PBA already won a lawsuit on behalf the entire union last September. The judge on that case ruled that that mandate was “invalid” and that all PBA members who were suspended or lost jobs due to the mandate be “reinstated to the status they were as of the date of the wrongful action.” The city appealed that decision.

This ruling is similar to a judge’s ruling last October, which stated that 16 DSNY workers were unjustly and illegally fired by the city, and that the workers should be reinstated to their jobs immediately with backpay. The city appealed that ruling also.

What the Mayor has done is lift a mandate. He is not guaranteeing these people jobs with the city again, never mind reinstating them to the status they were prior to termination. They are like any other joe blow off the street looking for a job. They just don’t need the jab now to apply.

The Mayor said city workers stepped up through the pandemic, and that we owe them a debt of gratitude. Then he said that with 96% of city workers having been vaccinated, this is the “right moment for this decision. I continue to urge every New Yorker to get vaccinated, get boosted, and take the necessary steps to protect themselves and those around them from Covid-19.”

Why is the Mayor continuing to push and advocate for this vaccine? He isn’t a doctor and we don’t need his opinion.

He is clearly unaware that there is a massive push now for an acknowledgement that these vaccines not only aren’t effective, they have caused physical harm and death.

The FDA even states on its own website that “the scientific community does not yet know if the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine will reduce transmission.” “Real life” has shown us IT DOES NOT. There are far more covid cases now that there were at the “height of the pandemic.”

A group called the Coalition Advocating for Adequately Labeled Medicines has sent a petition to the FDA stating that basically, there isn’t enough information and data to assert that these shots prevent transmission OR death. They want the labeling on the shots to say this, and also for the “adverse event section” of the labeling to include “sudden cardiac death, pulmonary embolism and decreased sperm concentration.”

But do we really need this panel of experts to tell us that? Doesn’t common sense tell us that any medication requires the test of time to know just HOW well they work and what all the side effects are? Obviously, deciding to trust this vaccine was a personal decision that should have remained private. How could ANYONE push these shots on anyone, much less make a person’s ENTIRE CAREER conditional upon taking them?


NY Judge Rules Vax Mandate on Healthcare Workers Null & Void, Arbitrary and “Orwellian”

In 2021, NY Healthcare Workers were fired from their jobs if they declined a covid-19 vaccine.

A group of healthcare workers under the banner of Medical Professionals for Informed Consent (the Petitioners) sued NYS Health Commissioner and Governor Kathy Hochul (the Respondents). These doctors and healthcare workers stated that Hochul overstepped her authority and the Mandate should be null and void.

On January 13, 2023 the Judge overseeing their case agreed. The Vaccine Mandate on NY Healthcare workers is now null and void. Everyone who was fired should go back to work. But Hochul and friends are appealing the ruling. What else would you expect from a woman who wears a necklace that says “Vaxed” and said God wants everyone vaccinated?

Judge Gerard J. Neri wrote in his ruling that the Governor and Commissioner issued a Mandate that was beyond their authority. That they ignored and overrode existing Public Health Law, and that the Separation of Powers was not upheld. Basically, the government behaved illegally, but few in the Media took note of this dangerous behavior.

Luckily, the Judge took note of it. He ruled that the Mandate was arbitrary, as “arbitrary action is taken without sound basis in reason and is generally taken without regard to the facts.”

Judge Neri went on to write “that the Mandate was entitled, “Prevention of Covid-19 transmission by covered entities.” In true Orwellian fashion, the Respondents acknowledge then-current Covid-19 shots do not prevent transmission.”

The Judge even went on to discuss the meaning of the phrase, “fully vaccinated” in his Ruling, describing it as absurd: “A term which is defined at the whim of an entity, subject to change without a moment’s notice contains all the hallmarks of absurdity, and is no definition at all.” Therefore, he found “the Mandate arbitrary and capricious.”

This Supreme Court Judge ruled that the Governor and Commissioner are “prohibited from implementing or enforcing the Mandate.”

New York State mandated a booster last January on healthcare workers but there was so much resistance to it, the mandate was scrapped after a few months. They had already lost too many workers to the original mandate and couldn’t afford to lose any more. From

“Some hospital workers have already resigned over the booster mandate and want to move to states without booster mandates, said Gary Fitzgerald, president of the Iroquois Healthcare Alliance, a group that represents Upstate hospitals.

“Workers are tired and fed up,” Fitzgerald said. “They’re asking, ‘What’s going to happen next? Is the state going to mandate another booster? When will it stop?””

Even though a New York Supreme Court Judge now prohibits the Mandate (and totally trashed the supposed rationale behind it), Kathy Hochul is not letting go. She is “exploring her options.”

Unvaccinated Parents Cannot Enter NYC Public School Buildings

Covid mandates and restrictions are not over in New York City.

A few facts:

  1. All City Workers–including public school teachers–are required to be vaccinated with a covid vaccine. But workers in the private sector don’t have to be vaccinated (after being mandated for most of 2021).
  2. Public school students ARE NOT required to be vaccinated.
  3. All visitors to public schools over the age of 18 are required to show proof of vaccination, with photo ID, in order to enter the building.
  4. This means unvaccinated parents cannot enter a school to see their unvaccinated child in a school play or attend any indoor events. They cannot go inside the building to see their child’s classroom and meet the teacher in person. They can’t attend kindergarten graduations, even if held outdoors. They can’t go inside to get their child if the child becomes unwell at school and needs to go home.

How do I know this is happening? Because this unvaccinated NYC parent discussed it here.

This “rule” is strictly enforced, and all the vaccinated parents are going along with it.

Oh, hang on. The unvaccinated parent referenced above was “allowed” to attend a toy drive event inside the school, but only if she entered through a different door than the other parents.

Huh. Have we been here before?


QUICK REMINDER: The vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus, it was never even tested for transmissibility. The inability of the vaccine to prevent you from “catching covid” is completely acknowledged by everyone, including the CDC.

Unvaccinated NYC parents can go shopping, go to the doctors office, enter packed stadiums and fly on airplanes. But they can’t enter a NYC public school they support with their tax dollars to see their unvaccinated child in a school play or attend a Scholastic Book Fair with the other parents.

None of this is about a virus or about anyone’s health. This is about brainwashed people propping up a Sacred Vaccine Cow narrative at all costs, even to the point of making an unvaccinated person USE A DIFFERENT DOOR TO ENTER A BUILDING, IF THEY ARE ALLOWED IN AT ALL.


It’s 2023. Is anyone in NYC TIRED OF THIS SHIT YET?

Tim Robbins Gives The Gift of Critical Thinking and True Compassion

I came across this clip of an interview of actor Tim Robbins by Russell Brand on Richard’s TruthAboutCovid blog today.

It is so powerful, and in some ways mirrors my own awakening.

While I was never angry at anyone for protesting Covid lock-downs in 2020, like Tim I was also passively accepting what I was told and going along with the program. It wasn’t until Trump began talking about Warp Speed Vaccines that I became very unsettled. It wasn’t because of Trump; it was some inner alarm bell that transcended Party and spoke to something deeper.

By the end of 2020, I became aware that Covid was a disease that could be effectively treated with existing and inexpensive drugs and protocols. And that this effort was (and continues to be) brutally suppressed. I recommend this incredible article written in May 2021 by award-winning journalist Michael Capuzzo called The Drug That Cracked Covid. It is a true piece of investigative journalism that blows this whole early and effective treatment DENIALISM wide open. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, read the short preface to Capuzzo’s article, wherein it dawns on him that yes, there is a serious effort to deny and undermine early treatment of covid by the Media. It is called The Story of the Cover Story.

Capuzzo’s piece profiles the doctors of the Covid19CriticalCare Alliance. But there were thousands of other doctors across the country finding out how to treat the respiratory and vascular symptoms of Covid with existing drugs.

For example, Overcoming The Covid Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7,000 Patients by Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson details, with plenty of science-driven data and patient testimony, how these doctors saved thousands with their HCQ treatment protocol. (Dr. Fareed is a Harvard Medical School graduate, former NIH scientist and family doctor of 30 years and has been honored for his work treating covid patients).

This particular knowledge was a major turning point in my rejecting the Sacred Vaccine Cow narrative. How could I support this grand, billion dollar venture, knowing that so many people lost their lives because we were basically told by The Government there was “nothing to be done” for covid sufferers, except sedate them, put them on a ventilator (ensuring almost certain death) and wait for a vaccine? A vaccine that doesn’t even stop you from getting Covid! (Although back in 2021 we were told it would, and if vaccinated you’d never have to mask again).

Tim doesn’t speak about early treatment in this clip. But he had plenty of other “something is not right” moments over the past few years.

Like Tim, I also questioned the Orwellian way the CDC was changing the basic definitions of words and concepts, such as “vaccines” and “immunity” in order to fit an agenda (vaccines in every arm, at all costs, even at the cost of telling the truth).

Like Tim, I also was shocked by the cruel and frankly deranged way the Media and Government encouraged citizens to “turn the unvaccinated into pariahs” and actively hate on and deny equal treatment to fellow citizens who chose not to be vaccinated with a Covid “Vaccine” (and how many went along with it). And that to some, it is STILL acceptable to treat unvaccinated people differently than vaccinated people. This, even though it is beyond obvious (and acknowledged for over a year now by the CDC) that both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can transmit the virus and should not be treated differently.

If you have the time, please listen to this 11 minute clip of Tim Robbins’ very thoughtful exploration into his own Mind and personal Awakening.