Kathy Hochul, Masterful Covid Denier

Tomorrow, New Yorkers will vote for their next Governor. Will it be the incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul, or Republican challenger Lee Zeldin?

The two candidates engaged in a debate on October 25. Here are excerpts from that debate:

Lee Zeldin:

Where my opponent just said she will not mandate COVID vaccines at this time, let me be clear to all of the parents who are out there. I will not mandate COVID vaccines for your kids ever. I don’t believe that there should be COVID vaccine mandates right now for our kids at SUNY and CUNY, in community colleges, and elsewhere. Where just over a year ago, a whole bunch of heroes were turning into zeros, tens of thousands of people, because of my opponent’s healthcare worker COVID vaccine [inaudible 00:58:50] put out of a job.

Susan Arbetter (58:50):

What about polio vaccine? Would you-

Lee Zeldin (58:51):

Can I just finish the point? I believe that mandate was wrong, and that everyone who has been fired to be offered their jobs back with back pay. There shouldn’t be any special celebrity COVID vaccine mandates, like what we saw for people who play for the Mets, or the Yankees, or the Nets. If you want to have a special celebrity exemption, how about the NYPD officers? FDNY, teachers, healthcare workers? I do not support COVID vaccine mandates in any way, shape, or form. You want to deal with the healthcare worker shortage upstate in hospitals, having services impacted? Well, then offer the people their jobs back. By the way, do it with back pay.

Susan Arbetter (59:26):

Mr. Zeldin, would you mandate a polio vaccine?

Lee Zeldin (59:31):

Right now, the position of this state is that there’s a polio emergency, and there’s not. I’m not proposing any new changes. Right now, there are vaccine mandates that are out there all across the board, on all different fronts. What I’d specifically say, is that the COVID vaccine mandate is different than the polio vaccine mandate.

The COVID vaccine changed the definition of a vaccine. You could just call it a COVID shot. It’s a form of treatment, but it doesn’t prevent you from getting it. The state hasn’t recognized natural immunity. Why not? It should. We could talk about all these other vaccines. But we’re talking about other vaccines? Actually, when you took it, people were not actually getting polio.

Kathy Hochul (01:00:12):

I’m not sure I understand that one either. But, you’ve been an election denier, a climate change denier. You and Donald Trump were the masterful COVID deniers. We are dealing with a real crisis, and the more people that get vaccinated, get those shots in arms. I would do it all over again, what I did last year, that mandate for healthcare workers. Because no one, after what we went through in this state, and the loss of life, and how people didn’t survive being in a nursing home, I said, our healthcare workers, when you walk into a doctor’s office, a hospital, or nursing home, you shouldn’t contract COVID from the person charged with taking care of you. It was a tough decision. We limited to healthcare workers. But, that is something I believe saved lives.


So, Kathy Hochul does not understand:

  1. The difference between injections that stop you from getting a disease (like polio vaccines) and ones that do not (like covid shots)
  2. That the definition of vaccine was quietly changed by the CDC to better conform to the reality that Covid shots do not stop infections
  3. What natural immunity is, although for years even the layperson understood this basic epidemiological concept (immunity to a disease gained post-exposure to that disease). “Natural immunity” was thrown under the bus during the vaccine rollout. But it has been brought forth from the shadows as it is coincidentally the basis for the recently invented concept called “immunity debt.” Immunity debt was invented in 2021 to help explain why, after millions of covid shots, people are sicker than ever.
  4. That it is entirely possible for vaccinated healthcare workers to infect patients because not only can they get Covid, often they are expected to come to work even if they are still testing positive for the disease.

There are quite a few things Kathy seems to “deny” knowing or understanding when it comes to Covid. In fact, I’d call her a real COVID DENIER…..right up there with Donald Trump. A man who so denied Covid, he ordered the creation a vaccine to eradicate it.

Yes. Kathy and Donald. Major Covid Deniers.

The Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Nobody Wanted to Talk About

Near the end of February 2020, there was an outbreak of scabies at the Valley View Residence in Toronto, Canada.

Nicole Ziegler’s 93 year old mother suffered from dementia, and was a resident in this nursing home at the time. Nicole received a mass mailing from Valley View, stating they would be administering ivermectin to the entire facility to address the outbreak. Ivermectin is a well-known treatment for scabies that has been in use for decades.

Residents on the 4th floor, where the outbreak was happening, would get curative dosing. Residents on the other floors would get a lesser dose as a prophylactic against infection.

The median age of the 170 residents in this facility is 85 years. Most have multiple serious health issues and require close contact care.

In March 2020, many of the staff at Valley View started coming down with Covid-19. But not one resident on the 4th Floor was infected with the virus–zero Covid cases. There were only 6 residents who came down with Covid-19 in the entire facility, and 4 of these were asymptomatic including a 100 year old. Two died, including Nicole’s mother. Her only covid symptom was a low grade fever that lasted about 24 hours. She exhibited signs of dehydration in her final days and was very thirsty. The facility also took the mother’s walker away–her lifeline to other people–and she was isolated in her room. According to her daughter, in a matter of days her very mobile mother forgot how to walk.

Nicole was only allowed to visit her mother for a half hour at a time, in full PPE. During one visit, Nicole asked for assistance from the staff. The aide on duty, after learning the mother’s status, promptly left the room and never returned. “People were terrified of my mother,” says Nicole.

Regarding the Covid-19 outbreak at Valley View, Nicole says, “One of nurses had mentioned they thought that ivermectin had saved their population. She said, “We think it’s saving everybody in here.””

Nicole looked for information online, and found a University of Australia lab study on the effects of ivermectin on Sars-CoV2. Says Nicole, “It (ivermectin) was killing the virus within 48 hours.”

Nicole began discussing ivermectin with friends and realized that what had happened at the nursing home was “a double-blind study without meaning to be one.” Her advocacy caught the attention of CTV, but they were “unable to crack the dome. They contacted Valley View residence and administrator was given a heads up that CTV would be contacting them. Immediately the door was shut. Valley View said they had no comment and they would not discuss anything that had happened. No official comment.”

This shocked Nicole: “We are sitting on something that is huge. This could not only be a treatment but a preventative. And nobody wants to talk about it. And I find that very disturbing.”

What’s kind of touching is that the Interviewer and Nicole agree that although the media, WHO and Health Canada weren’t responsive to this event, they seem confident that the information would eventually be “brought forward to the public.”

It was, a year later, but not the way they thought it would be.

Here is the video interview of Nicole Ziegler from June 22, 2020. The above is only a partial summary and it is worth watching the entire 15 minutes.

In NYC, Equality Is Not a Big Deal

Last week, 16 DSNY Workers who had been wrongfully terminated for not being vaccinated won their lawsuit against NYC. The NY Supreme Court judged ruled that the vaccinate mandate imposed on them–and all workers–was Unconstitutional, Arbitrary and Capricious. The Judge wrote that the Workers should go back to their jobs and were entitled to back-pay starting from the date of termination.

From Judge Ralph Porizo’s Ruling on the case:

Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting covid-19. As of the Day of this Decision, CDC guidelines requiring quarantine and isolation are the same for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The Petitioners should not have been terminated for choosing not to protect themselves.”

“This is not a commentary on the effect of vaccination, but on how we are treating our first responders, the ones who worked day-to-day during the height of the pandemic. They worked without protective gear. They were infected with Covid-19, creating natural immunity. They continued working full duty while their exemptions were pending. They were terminated and are willing to come back and work for the city that cast them aside.”

The vaccination mandate for City employees was not just about safety and public health; it was about compliance. If it was about safety and public health, the workers would have been placed on leave the moment the order was issued….If it was about safety and public health, no one would have been exempt.” (In March, Mayor Adams exempted celebrity athletes and performers from the vaccine mandate)

New York City instantly appealed the ruling, so the Workers are still jobless and in limbo.

When the Workers’ attorney, Chad Laveglia, was asked about the appeal, he replied, “It’s unconstitutional and it’s arbitrary and capricious, not just for sanitation workers but for everyone. The city’s appeal is futile, they’re wasting taxpayer money on a policy that is on its face unequal. Last time I checked, equality was a big deal.

Not in “liberal” NYC, where questions by the people about the harms of medical mandates are met with derision and annoyance by their political betters, like Senator Liu:

The interviewer points out the thousands of teachers have lost their jobs, and that the vaccines do not stop infections or viral transmissions. These are stone-cold FACTS.

In the face of these facts, Senator Liu simply commands the interviewer to “just get vaccinated. Get vaccinated and boosted.” He doesn’t want to hear that the vaccine doesn’t stop infections, he just issues an authoritarian order, based on what government agencies say to do. The CDC said to do it, so DO IT, peasant! There is no logical reasoning or defense of his position. Liu just COMMANDS to interviewer to vaccinate and shuts down the conversation.

How much do you want to bet a lot of “liberals” in NYC are right on board with Senator Liu’s approach? We have lived through a literal inversion of the old liberal adage, “Question Authority.” And here we are.

“This Was A Big Time Mind-F*ck”

On Monday October 24, 2022, 16 New York City Department of Sanitation Workers won a lawsuit against NYC, The Health Commissioner and the Mayor.

These people were fired from their jobs (and lost their pensions) for declining the covid vaccine mandated by the city a year ago. A NY Supreme Court Judge ruled that the vaccine mandate imposed on them was unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious.

The Judge ordered that these workers be reinstated to their jobs immediately and stated they were entitled to back-pay starting from the date they were terminated.

A reporter named Aimee was the only journalist there to cover the reactions of these workers outside the courtroom, immediately after the ruling came down.

Below is a YouTube video she made of the Workers’ reactions after the ruling. I have excerpted some of their words below. (I don’t have their names, but all 16 Workers’ names are on the Judge’s Ruling on their case.)

This was a Big Time Mind-Fuck. It completely disrupted our lives but we knew we’d be on the right side of history. They went way too far. As the judge said, so arbitrary and capricious, they were literally making shit up as they go.

They isolated us. It was really cruel. It really was. It changed my life forever. I’ll never trust the city again, the Department again, the union. They showed their true colors. The union’s job is to protect my job. And the union was nowhere to be found. The Union dismissed us because of our small number but what about the 1,000-1,500 who would never have taken it except for the threat of losing their jobs. You screwed them. “You made a choice.” No. You get to keep what you already have (the job) if you turn your medical decisions over to us? That’s coercion. That’s illegal.”

Two of the workers discuss how they felt “disposable” because by them being fired and replaced, it would be cheaper for the city.

“Tell us we’re selfish….for what? It doesn’t work. Everyone knows it doesn’t work. In December 2021 my garage of 180 guys. There was maybe 50 guys, all vaxxed and out with Covid. And they still terminated us. Are you kidding me? Evil. Pure evil….You give exemptions to athletes and performers and you continue to lay off city workers? Sick, evil shit. Evil people.”

They explained that they before they were terminated, they were on unpaid leave with health benefits. Then, the city suddenly presented them with a document to sign: It said they could keep their benefits but only if they gave up their right to sue the city.

“We were given 24 hours to sign the waiver, to make a life-altering decision. And there were no Union delegates.”

A Worker who moved to Georgia, but came back for the hearing said he felt like he was up against “a machine,” that there was “no human element.” He had put in 19 years as a city worker and had a rent stabilized apartment which he eventually could no longer afford. So he moved south. This father of three said, “This was the most stressful situation of my life, my wife and I cried a lot of tears.”

Mention was made of the $500 and 8 hours of comp time Workers were offered to take the shot. “I thought bribes were illegal.

Another worker discussed how the city gets his body in terms of picking up the trash only, and only during work hours:

I get to keep my body. What happens when I go home from work? What if I had a side effect? They act like that doesn’t exist! Hey, sweep it under the rug! People are getting hurt from this. If there is a risk of death, adverse reactions of any kind, how do you sit there and support this? It’s sinister. It’s demonic. And you take people’s jobs.”

(According to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System–a voluntary reporting system known as VAERS–there were 1, 341,608 Adverse events among all age groups following covid vaccination, including 29,460 deaths and 243, 466 serious injuries between December 14, 2020 and July 8, 2020)

He goes on:

“How can I work amongst these people? I’m traumatized. This is the hardest thing I had to do in my life. It took a lot of courage and faith and listening to my intuition, my faith, ok? “There’s something wrong here. Stay away from this. It’s gonna be hard for you but you’re gonna find your way.”

And that’s what I did. I followed the thing inside me. I didn’t follow the TV, the media, the lie. I just listened to my inner voice. Everybody here probably did the same thing. I stuck to my convictions, my principles and my morals and my faith. “

And you were victorious. Congratulations.

NYC Employee Vax Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional, 16 Fired Workers Entitled to Jobs and Back-Pay

In a hearing yesterday at the Staten Island Supreme Court, NY Supreme Court Judge Ralph Porizo ruled in favor of 16 Department of Sanitation employees who sued the City (as well as Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi and Mayor Eric Adams) after losing their jobs for not complying with the city’s covid vaccine mandate.

Outside the courtroom, Attorney Chad Laveglia said, “We just defeated the vaccine mandate for every single city employee…The Supreme Court of Richmond County made a Constitutional decision that affects every single borough, city-wide.”

He went on to say that the mandate was ruled arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional. “A city agency can’t make law, that’s what our elected representatives do,” Mr. Laveglia said. “The separation of powers was violated by these mandates.”

The Judge wrote that the Health Commissioner “violated the [workers’] procedural due process” and “lacked the power and authority to permanently exclude [the workers] from their workplace.”

The Mandates were also Arbitrary and Capricious because when Mayor Adams exempted Athletes and Performers from the mandates in March 2022, workers’ Equal Protection under the law was violated (the Mandate on all private sector workers is due to be lifted November 1, but not for city workers).

The 16 DSNY workers were reinstated to full employment status as of October 25, 2022 and are “entitled to back-pay in salary from the date of their termination.”

Here is a Re-Cap of some of NYC’s Covid Vaccine Mandates:

  • On August 16, 2021, the “Key to NYC Vaccination Mandate” announced, which mandated that both customers and workers at Restaurants, Gyms and Indoor Entertainment venues be vaccinated.
  • On August 23, 2021, it was mandated that all Department of Education Employees had to be vaccinated to keep their jobs. Also, unvaccinated parents are not allowed inside school buildings.
  • On October 20, 2021, it was mandated that all city Employees (NYPD, FDNY, DSNY etc) had to be vaccinated to keep their jobs.
  • On December 4, 2021, it was mandated that every Employee in the private sector had to be vaccinated and that private employers could be fined for not complying.

As you consider these mandates, keep in mind that recently a Pfizer spokesperson “admitted” to a European parliament that the Covid Vaccines were never tested for transmission. “Admitted” is in quotes because that word implies Pfizer was hiding something, and fact-checkers were quick to say that Pfizer never claimed that the vaccines prevented transmission of the virus.

As this article in Tablet Magazine states, “Vaccine mandates were mainly rationalized through the belief that the higher the rate of vaccination, the less the virus would spread. For example, during oral arguments for Biden’s health care worker mandate, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Elena Kagan claimed that health care workers had to get vaccinated “so that you’re not transmitting the disease.””

So who is responsible for spreading this belief, this misinformation?

Media outlets paid to promote the vaccines (as revealed by a FOIA request made last March), and government officials, including Anthony “Vaccinated People Become Dead Ends for the Virus” Fauci and Joe “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” Biden and CDC Director Rachelle “Vaccinated People Do not Carry the Virus and Do Not Get Sick” Walensky.

Last year, when vaccinated people began to get Covid, we were told these were rare, “breakthrough” infections. Breaking through what? The vaccines do not stop infection. On July 22, 2022, former White House Covid Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx even said, “We knew the Covid vaccines were never going to protect against infection.”

We don’t hear our Health Leaders using that misleading and inaccurate phrase, “breakthrough infections” anymore, for obvious reasons. Will the mis-informers be punished?

California Assembly Bill 2098 was recently passed by Governor Newsome in October. This bill describes “the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to the Sars-CoV-2 virus, or Covid-19, as unprofessional conduct.” Such “conduct” could result in a doctor being suspended from practicing or losing their medical license altogether.

So when do Drs Fauci and Walensky get brought up on charges of “misinformation”?

The clear implication of this Bill is that doctors will be punished for questioning the government’s decisions regarding Covid, as though the CDC/FDA are the sole arbiters of “truth” and “settled science”. Yet, haven’t we just witnessed errors and misinformed statements made by the Government agencies with regard to Covid?

We deserve to have ALL sides of the medical story so we can make up our own minds as to what is best for ourselves. Uncensored. You know, like we did in 2019?

In my next blog post, I will have quotes from these DSNY workers who spoke to this independent reporter after Judge Porizo’s Ruling yesterday.

You probably won’t hear what they had to say on the mainstream “news.”