Unvaccinated Parents Cannot Enter NYC Public School Buildings

Covid mandates and restrictions are not over in New York City.

A few facts:

  1. All City Workers–including public school teachers–are required to be vaccinated with a covid vaccine. But workers in the private sector don’t have to be vaccinated (after being mandated for most of 2021).
  2. Public school students ARE NOT required to be vaccinated.
  3. All visitors to public schools over the age of 18 are required to show proof of vaccination, with photo ID, in order to enter the building.
  4. This means unvaccinated parents cannot enter a school to see their unvaccinated child in a school play or attend any indoor events. They cannot go inside the building to see their child’s classroom and meet the teacher in person. They can’t attend kindergarten graduations, even if held outdoors. They can’t go inside to get their child if the child becomes unwell at school and needs to go home.

How do I know this is happening? Because this unvaccinated NYC parent discussed it here.

This “rule” is strictly enforced, and all the vaccinated parents are going along with it.

Oh, hang on. The unvaccinated parent referenced above was “allowed” to attend a toy drive event inside the school, but only if she entered through a different door than the other parents.

Huh. Have we been here before?


QUICK REMINDER: The vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus, it was never even tested for transmissibility. The inability of the vaccine to prevent you from “catching covid” is completely acknowledged by everyone, including the CDC.

Unvaccinated NYC parents can go shopping, go to the doctors office, enter packed stadiums and fly on airplanes. But they can’t enter a NYC public school they support with their tax dollars to see their unvaccinated child in a school play or attend a Scholastic Book Fair with the other parents.

None of this is about a virus or about anyone’s health. This is about brainwashed people propping up a Sacred Vaccine Cow narrative at all costs, even to the point of making an unvaccinated person USE A DIFFERENT DOOR TO ENTER A BUILDING, IF THEY ARE ALLOWED IN AT ALL.


It’s 2023. Is anyone in NYC TIRED OF THIS SHIT YET?

5 thoughts on “Unvaccinated Parents Cannot Enter NYC Public School Buildings”

  1. This discrimination against the unvaxxed parents is criminal! I was a NYC teacher who did not comply and forced out of my 20 year career. These illegal outrageous mandates need to stop and those responsible need to be punished!

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    1. Yes, mandates have been ruled to be unconstitutional by more than a few Judges including a NY Supreme Court judge just last October. They are illegal. I couldn’t agree more with your comment, and I’m so sorry you had to end your career in NYC. I also had to end a 20 year career there. It is beyond frustrating what has happened and continues to happen. I hope you have begun again elsewhere, because it appears NYC is a lost cause.


      1. I am teaching in Tennessee now where people believe in freedom. I was also interviewed on the NY Mandate podcast where I heard your story too. I would love to speak to you and share our experiences which are all too similar. It is very sad to see how many people were terminated or forced to resign over this. Even when the courts win, I’ll never be coming back to NY.


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