The Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Nobody Wanted to Talk About

Near the end of February 2020, there was an outbreak of scabies at the Valley View Residence in Toronto, Canada.

Nicole Ziegler’s 93 year old mother suffered from dementia, and was a resident in this nursing home at the time. Nicole received a mass mailing from Valley View, stating they would be administering ivermectin to the entire facility to address the outbreak. Ivermectin is a well-known treatment for scabies that has been in use for decades.

Residents on the 4th floor, where the outbreak was happening, would get curative dosing. Residents on the other floors would get a lesser dose as a prophylactic against infection.

The median age of the 170 residents in this facility is 85 years. Most have multiple serious health issues and require close contact care.

In March 2020, many of the staff at Valley View started coming down with Covid-19. But not one resident on the 4th Floor was infected with the virus–zero Covid cases. There were only 6 residents who came down with Covid-19 in the entire facility, and 4 of these were asymptomatic including a 100 year old. Two died, including Nicole’s mother. Her only covid symptom was a low grade fever that lasted about 24 hours. She exhibited signs of dehydration in her final days and was very thirsty. The facility also took the mother’s walker away–her lifeline to other people–and she was isolated in her room. According to her daughter, in a matter of days her very mobile mother forgot how to walk.

Nicole was only allowed to visit her mother for a half hour at a time, in full PPE. During one visit, Nicole asked for assistance from the staff. The aide on duty, after learning the mother’s status, promptly left the room and never returned. “People were terrified of my mother,” says Nicole.

Regarding the Covid-19 outbreak at Valley View, Nicole says, “One of nurses had mentioned they thought that ivermectin had saved their population. She said, “We think it’s saving everybody in here.””

Nicole looked for information online, and found a University of Australia lab study on the effects of ivermectin on Sars-CoV2. Says Nicole, “It (ivermectin) was killing the virus within 48 hours.”

Nicole began discussing ivermectin with friends and realized that what had happened at the nursing home was “a double-blind study without meaning to be one.” Her advocacy caught the attention of CTV, but they were “unable to crack the dome. They contacted Valley View residence and administrator was given a heads up that CTV would be contacting them. Immediately the door was shut. Valley View said they had no comment and they would not discuss anything that had happened. No official comment.”

This shocked Nicole: “We are sitting on something that is huge. This could not only be a treatment but a preventative. And nobody wants to talk about it. And I find that very disturbing.”

What’s kind of touching is that the Interviewer and Nicole agree that although the media, WHO and Health Canada weren’t responsive to this event, they seem confident that the information would eventually be “brought forward to the public.”

It was, a year later, but not the way they thought it would be.

Here is the video interview of Nicole Ziegler from June 22, 2020. The above is only a partial summary and it is worth watching the entire 15 minutes.

3 thoughts on “The Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Nobody Wanted to Talk About”

  1. Great find Erica. Your American readers need to understand that nursing homes and large media outlets like CTV receive large government subsidies. They Suppressed this information because both the provincial and federal governments wanted it suppressed. I hope you don’t mind by I linked this article today.


    1. Of course, and what’s odd is how few views this YouTube video has. I did extra research and couldn’t find anything else about this story online except to verify there were only 2 Covid deaths at valley view. It has not been refuted anywhere and there was a similar occurrence in a nursing home in France. What’s also interesting is that Nicole’s words seem to imply she thinks her mom died of neglect not Covid. Thank you for informing my readers about the media in Canada—I hope they visit your blog it’s been daily reading for me for over a year.


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