Newsflash: Trump is Pro-Vaccine, Boosted

Remember Operation Warp Speed?

In the Fall of 2020, I lived and worked one of the most liberal areas in NYC. When the election was called for Biden in November, the whole neighborhood erupted in cheers and people congregated in the park to dance and celebrate his defeat.

During that Fall, some people I knew confided in me that they distrusted Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and vowed not to take “his” vaccine once it became available. Then he got switched out for Biden, Biden said take it and presto! These same people couldn’t wait to get jabbed.

Corporate media likes to plants the seeds for illogical thinking in the minds of the American public, and then lovingly waters these deranged sprouts with steady streams of lies and misrepresentations.

One of the more baffling examples of this phenomenon is the widespread belief (especially among liberals) that those who decline the vaccine, and/or oppose using vaccination status to deny people basic rights, must somehow be Trump supporters.

As I wrote elsewhere on this site (“Lose the Battle, Win the War”), people who have taken to the streets to defend their bodily autonomy and oppose medical apartheid are a racially, culturally and politically diverse group. This group includes vaccinated people. Turns out there are freedom-lovers from every walk of life!

There are people in NYC who are conducting “sit-ins” at restaurants. They refuse to show vaccine cards or passes. Here’s a recent exchange at the Union Cafe Restaurant in NYC:

In this clip, a customer who confronted these anti-mandate activists asks, “Who are you guys, shadow Trump supporters?” (This was the first time I heard the term, “shadow Trump supporter” and I don’t know what it means.)

The woman says, “You took Trump’s vaccine, so it has nothing to do with Trump. Are you a Trump supporter?”

At this, the guy really has no where to go with his argument, so he turns to leave. But before he does, he admonishes, “Find a better use of your time!”

Buddy, I can’t think of a better use of time than to reject and slap down this vaccine mandate and passport crap.

Will he change his tune when he tries to use his digital vaccine passport to go somewhere and it says “No Covid Records Found”? Because that’s what happened to this woman who was flying from England to America, even though she had followed all the covid rules.

These passports are so dangerous but this person doesn’t have a clue. He’s still stuck on the Trump record the media keeps spinning in his head.

If we fully embrace this vaccine passport system that cities such as NYC seem to be doing, we will have NO CONTROL over our ability to move about freely. If the technology fails or the government changes its mind about what it means to be in compliance or what’s “safe”, then what? As it says in the linked article above, there is no obvious appeal process for when things go wrong and there’s a technological “glitch.” And may I remind people that we continue to live under a perpetual state of emergency which allows for government to issue endless mandates without any input from we the people?

Many seem willing to trade their freedom for this system of government-controlled technology which is in place for “our safety.” How is it keeping us safe? The vaccines don’t eradicate the virus, which is doing what RNA respiratory viruses naturally do: mutate, become less lethal and continue to exist. There is absolutely no evidence that passports have any impact on anything other than increasing the uptake of vaccines (otherwise known as medical coercion).

Mandated vaccines are a vicious circle to nowhere except a dystopian reality. In NYC and now elsewhere in America, a vaccine passport “system” dictates who gets to have a job and enter public spaces and who doesn’t. Those who control the system require complete and unquestioning cooperation (otherwise known as obedience) to their vaccine passport system, otherwise life stops working.

The definition of totalitarianism is “a system of government that is centralized, dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.”

But you keep fixating on Trump, buddy and go right along with the program.

That’s exactly what the government and the media wants.