NYS Teachers Pension Fund Tied to Vaccine Manufacturers

Rachel Maniscalco is a NYC teacher who was fired last year for refusing to take a vaccine that had been on the market for about seven months in order to keep her job.

I first saw her at the August 25, 2021 Teachers for Choice Rally in NYC. There was actually a smidge of mainstream news coverage on this Rally. Here is a clip from AP News:

In this clip, Rachel announces her exit from her union, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). They support mandatory vaccination for teachers and students. Then, she sums up what’s going on accurately:

“So your question was, am I prepared to lose it all? And the answer is YES. Because I believe this is not just about a vaccine. I do not believe this is just about our health. This is about medical freedom. This is about totalitarianism. We are headed into a very dangerous area. And if we comply with this, we are setting a terrible precedent for our future.”

In addition to being a means for government officials to exert greater control over the public via vaccine passports (aka The Key to NYC) and vaccine mandates, these vaccines are also about money. Lots and lots of money.

Rachel shared this article on her instagram account (@donotcomplynyc) today. It is dated June 10, 2019.

In 2019, NYS got rid of the the religious exemption provision for students regarding vaccination. A NYS parent cannot opt out of vaccinating their child and still send their child to public school.

The article clearly infers that NYS Assemblyman Jeffry Dinowitz and NYS Senators Brad Hoylman and David Carlucci were lobbied by NYS United Teachers Union and the UFT. In a report from Crain’s NY Business (April 11, 2019), the UFT and its NYS chapter spent a combined $2,602,761 on lobbying (United Teachers NYS alone spent $1,299,082).

So why would the UFT lobby NYS politicians so hard to get rid of vaccine exemptions? Well, because that’s good for vaccine manufacturers. And what’s good for vaccine manufacturers is what’s good for the the UFT. According to the 2019 NYS Teachers Retirement System Domestic Equity Holdings report, the NYS Teacher’s Retirement Fund is “heavily invested in three of the top five vaccine manufacturers.”

And who are those manufacturers? In addition to GlaxoSmithKline with a paltry 57,300 shares (value: $2,394, 567), the Retirement Fund is also has well over 9 million shares in Pfizer (value: $390,770,377) and well over 4 million shares in Merck (value: $350,663, 184).

Please, can we stop with the notion that this vaccine push is about our health? The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. The government promised the vaccines would do this and they didn’t! Why aren’t more people upset that this product didn’t deliver on this promise? Oh I know…because now the spin is that the vaccines (and boosters now) “keep you out of the hospital” and without them you’re a goner. This kind of shift in the narrative is called “damage control” in the advertising world.

These vaccines are a golden goose for many, in several ways. They have made billionaires out of vaccine company CEOs, enriched the UFT’s Retirement Fund and politicians are power-tripping with the endless mandates they are able to issue due to this endless “emergency.”

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