Media Blackout on Canadian Trucker, Worldwide Protests

50,000 Canadian truckers, and millions of people around the world, are protesting against vaccine mandates and passports.

It is truly incredible that the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy is shattering WORLD RECORDS and this is getting next to no attention from “the news.”

The Convoy left from Vancouver on Sunday in response to the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. This protest of historic proportions will culminate in Ottawa on Sunday. Check out this video–the number of trucks and people cheering them on are MASSIVE.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempted to dismiss Canadians who “want their lives back” and oppose mandates. He called them a “small fringe minority” expressing “unacceptable views” and thinks that being forced to accept injections in exchange for the right to work and have a normal life is the best way to have freedom.

This guy is really out of touch. He says that the “good” Canadians follow “the science”, which I guess means believing the lie that the unvaccinated exist in a state of permanent contagiousness. And the vaccinated are always free of disease and never contagious.

So now Justin Trudeau, who is vaccinated, boosted, symptomless and tested negative for the virus, is quarantining because he was “exposed” recently. Doesn’t sound like he thinks the vaccines work if he now needs to hide his vaccinated self away from people in order to “keep them safe.” From what? Your tyrannical madness? Obviously he is hiding from his own citizens who are pushing back against his “orders” in large numbers. This movement is hardly “fringe.” It is reported that there are millions of people along the truckers’ route, cheering them on.

Last weekend was also another Worldwide Rally for Freedom. Hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries protested vaccine mandate and vaccine passports.

In Sweden, large crowds gathered:

The United States saw its first national protest, Defeat the Mandates, in Washington DC, joining hundreds of thousands of protesters around the country:

I am proud to say that I was there. Reject Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports!

2 thoughts on “Media Blackout on Canadian Trucker, Worldwide Protests”

  1. Hi Erica. At first the media here was not even mentioning the convoy and then it got so big that they couldn’t ignore it, but they are trying their best to paint it as a bunch of racist violent individuals. You can be rest assured they are digging up any past social media posts of anyone involved just looking for anything bad. And they are so out of touch they think this protest is about the vaccine only. It is not. It is about all the crap we’ve put up with the last two years. There are unvaxed to triple vaxed taking part in this. People have had it. Thanks for this blog Erica.


  2. The Canadian Media has finally figured out they can’t keep ignoring the truckers protest. They are busy producing articles about how wrong, evil, and unCanadian the protesters are. Justin thinks he can hide while the media does a hatchet job for him. After all that is what he pays them for.


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