Canada Freedom Convoy: WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE NEWS

The Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy began as a protest against vaccine mandates. It grew into a rejection of ALL Covid restrictions and mandates, as well as the incompetent Canadian political class and its lapdog, the Media.

Canada has some of the harshest Covid restrictions in the world. For example, in Quebec the unvaccinated can’t shop at Ikea, Wal-Mart or Costco unless they are going to the pharmacy. In that case, they are provided with an escort so they don’t try to buy anything in the store. Segregation and criminalization of the unvaccinated was celebrated recently on a Quebec talk show, where children said they’d call the police on the unvaccinated and that “we should cut everything from them little by little until they submit.” Oh, how the audience laughed with delighted approval at that!

The Organizers of the Trucker Freedom Convoy are hitting the breaks on the insanity and divisiveness in their country. They and at least 50,000 truckers and hundreds of thousands of Canadians on the streets are demanding that all mandates be dropped for all Canadians.

Here a Canadian two time Afghan War veteran with “boots on the ground” at the protest in Ottawa dispels the myth that the legacy of veterans is being dishonored, but rather the opposite. Also, a clip from a 2019 dinner is played wherein Justin Trudeau makes light of the fact that the Liberal Media was paid $600 million by government for “stellar headlines”:

The Organizers of the Convoy realize that legacy media lies (the news reported that their GoFundMe was frozen when it wasn’t) and there is a relentless effort to paint the protestors as white supremacist and hateful. This is why the Toronto Star and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation were banned from their first interview to the press on January 30.

The three organizers are Tamara Lich, a Metis woman from Alberta, Benjamin Dichter, a vaccinated Jewish trucker from Ontario and Chris Berber, a trucking company owner from Saskatchewan. Their GoFundMe is NOW frozen, after $10 million was donated.

There is much to unpack in this interview, but highlights include:

Their assertion that this movement is not partisan. They won’t “play the game that liberals are bad and conservatives are good; they are all horrible and should be ashamed of themselves.” They consider this a “cultural moment in Canadian history” and describe the participants as “having hope again, having pride again.” They say how wonderful it is to see people’s smiling faces and that they want to “re-establish unity.”

In particular, they say that Quebec leader Francois Legault is a “lunatic” guilty of “crimes against humanity” and that’s why “Quebecers are really unifying with the rest of Canada.”

They say the Sikh community has come out strong for the movement, although the media is trying to destroy this reality. Canadians who immigrated from Eastern European countries like Poland and Belarus are highly represented in the Convoy and “haven’t forgotten socialism. It is the direction (the country) is going that they are the most concerned about.” The Organizers say they are “struck by the diversity” of the people on the streets. “Everybody is there.”

I may do another blog post on this interview, but want to close with a quote from Tamara Lich, who recounted a conversation with a Clan mother and the importance of women to First Nations people, the “importance of women in all cultures.” She goes on: “Women are the life givers, and our men need to stand up for women and children and we’ve kind of lost that. If you listen to the government–what I’m hearing from the government–is they’re trying to pull that family unit apart, pull and divide and tear so many different aspects of Canadians apart. That’s not what a leader does. A leader brings people together. They don’t destroy people and tear them apart.”

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