Coming Soon!

Mayor Comrade DeBlasio would like every New Yorker, vaccinated or not, to test for the virus prior to Thanksgiving. Our covid stats are very low, and that just won’t do. You see, in European countries with high vaccination rates, cases are rising. And that’s enough to lockdown the unvaccinated in Austria and to keep rolling out Vaccine Passports. See what Europeans have to look forward to? Their phones can scold them if their temperatures are “abnormal” (I suppose the phone gets to decide what is normal) or if they aren’t wearing a mask. Fun!

Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated and 40% of the people have had boosters. But Gibraltar has 5 times as many covid cases as it had the same time last year; a 20% infection rate. Our intelligent world leaders don’t ask why that is, they just keep repeating “Get Vaccinated” like automatons. You see, they’ve already declared the vaccines to be safe and effective. It’s “science” to just stick with a simple statement and not use incoming data to adjust your understanding of reality.

NYC numbers are the lowest in NY state, but that’s just because too many people are living their lives and not testing for covid often enough. Comrade DeBlasio would like a repeat of last year, when lines at CityMDs were around the block, full of anxious people wanting to see their families at Thanksgiving.

So he’d like you to go get tested. This way, we can discover more cases and pad that number with lots of false positives. I mean, if nobody is testing we can’t see the numbers rise, can we? So, go get tested and help get those numbers up! Get a jump start on what will surely be rising cases this winter, if Gibraltar is anything to go by!

Maybe then, he can justify making his Key to NYC more intrusive and tyrannical and issue more mandates. I’m sure he likes this made in China digital system and would like to work that technology into his Pass. Then the Key to NYC can become the Key to Life! Doesn’t that sound magical?

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon!”

  1. Nice site Erica. I come from Richards group. Looking forward to checking it out as often as possible. Keep it coming.
    Dale Szott


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