Dr. Paul Marik is 63 years old. He is an endowed professor of Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA, where is he also the Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He is the most widely cited physician-scholar on the planet (over 18,000 citations) with regard to critical care and emergency medicine, having published 524 papers on these topics.

Dr. Marik is a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. In fact, he is the longtime director of the hospital’s intensive care unit. Dr. Marik is also a founding member of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. He and four other doctors (soon joined by many others) formed an alliance early on in the pandemic to re-purpose existing FDA-approved drugs to treat Covid. They were successful in their mission.

Ivermectin was one drug that the FLCCC found to be very effective, especially when used as an early treatment at the first sign of illness or a positive covid test result. It kept many many people out of the hospital and off of ventilators. If you visit FLCCC.net you will find an abundance of data and studies supporting its use.

Dr. Marik has been using ivermectin, as well as other FDA-approved drugs to treat his patients at the hospital for months. Those drugs include Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) IV, bicalutamide, dutasteride, finasteride and fluvoxamine.

According to an article in The Virginian Pilot, Dr. Marik is suing the hospital. Hospital “officials” told this eminent physician with decades of ER and critical care experience to stop using these medicines. In September, they banned him from using his successful treatment protocols. Why? Because the government warns against using these drugs that existed before Covid, to treat Covid.

Inconveniently, Dr. Marik found that some of these drugs (including ivermectin) to be highly effective treatments for Covid before the vaccines were rolled out.

The Emergency Use Authorization for the covid vaccines could not have been justified if there were already effective treatments available for the disease.

I’ll let you connect the dots.

Hospital “officials” and government bureacrats are getting in between doctors and their patients. They are telling doctors to stop doctoring; using their experience, knowledge and research to come up with treatment protocols. Doctors who disobey the government and continue to act in their patient’s best interests are punished, forced to deprive their patients of drugs they know will help them, even save their lives.

“This is not normal,” said Dr. Marik. “It’s cruel and unusual punishment.”

This is our country now. Where doctors are expected to treat patients according to what hospital “officials” think is best.

For the government.