What do Canada, the US and China have in common?

As the new year began, many Canadians felt dissatisfaction with the government’s response to Covid (after 2 years) and wanted all government-imposed Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates to end. This was a reasonable position given the fact that in many countries, Covid is effectively “over” and restrictions are being lifted by the day.

Thus, the Canadian Trucker Convoy began to take shape, eventually becoming known as the Freedom Convoy. Thousands of Canadians assembled to peacefully protest and occupy Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This protest also became a catharsis of sorts. The tone was distinctly celebratory as people came back together to socialize normally after two years. Tables offering coffee and hot food popped up as people played music and danced in the freezing cold. Bouncy castles were erected for children.

In spite of all this, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not want to talk to the protesters in person, listen to their problems or figure out the way forward together. Turns out he’s more of a “my way or the highway” kind of guy.

Here is a bullet list of just some of the actions taken by Justin Trudeau (or by others as a result of his actions) against his own people:

  1. Trudeau enacted the Emergency Measures Act, employed when lives are at risk or the sovereignty of Canada is threatened, so that he could justify having large numbers of police confront protesters and have them arrested.
  2. Although the government-funded Canadian media refused to acknowledge it, there was widespread police violence against protesters. Police on horseback were caught on tape trampling two people including an elderly Mohawk woman with a walker.
  3. Trudeau tried to get other Canadians on board with hating the protestors (and thus not caring what happens to them) by smearing them as white supremacists and racists when that was clearly not the case.
  4. The Emergency Measures Act also empowered Trudeau to hurt protestors financially by freezing the bank accounts of those who contributed to the Convoy, even if they didn’t physically attend the protest. After Trudeau declared the Emergency Measures Act, contributing to the Convoy became retroactively illegal. For example, a single mother in British Columbia who donated $50 to the Convoy before the Act was declared, subsequently had her bank account frozen. This created such financial hardship for her, that her local MP stepped up to bring attention to her situation.
  5. Without explaining how they determined which truck operators would be targeted, twelve of them had their operating authority suspended and their license plates revoked, effectively destroying their livelihoods.
  6. Convoy organizers were arrested and lead organizer Tamara Lich was in jail for 18 days because the judge wouldn’t grant her bail. After finally doing so, the judge said that a condition of Lich’s release is that she must not use social media or talk to other organizers. Someone Lich knows is supposed to “supervise her” and report her if she uses social media or converses with someone she’s not supposed to.

Slandering those who don’t fall unquestioningly in line with what the government thinks is best has become rather par for the course these days. Combine this trend with financial punishment and control, and you have full blown totalitarianism on the horizon.

But why stop with freezing bank accounts? Why not have all money become virtual and thus 100% controllable by the government? China would like to do just that by creating a digital yuan, or DCEP (Digital Currency/Electronic Payments), and banning cash.

China’s social credit system is not actually a single, nationally coordinated system. Local and central governments all have the power to infringe upon a person’s liberty arbitrarily and without due process. The ability to use public transportation, have a certain job or borrow money are just a few examples of freedoms that can be removed if a person criticizes local or national officials or challenges their edicts.

The advent of a national digital currency dispensed by the Chinese government would allow it total financial control of the population. Government could instantly remove a person’s funds, or ability to make financial transactions, at will. The existing climate of political oppression would merge with financial authoritarianism. This article from the Competitive Enterprise Institute explains China’s plan for a national digital currency, and is worth reading to fully understand its implications. The article warns that the Chinese model of digital currency is a threat to global freedom, and should not be adopted by anyone.

But hang on: Biden just announced a study into developing a “digital dollar” in the United States! Hey, Canada is looking into making their currency digital too! Wow. The US, Canada and China are all having the same idea at the same time!

But when the US and Canada talk about digitalizing currency it’s different. So don’t worry. Justin Trudeau invoked a wartime measure in order to financially punish those who disagreed with him while Joe Biden said nothing about it, so we’re good. I’m sure that digitalizing currency would have no negative unforeseen consequences, or threaten our privacy or freedom. And that the global Covid response has been totally legit. There’s no hidden agenda here. Carry on!

(For incisive and intelligent analysis of what’s been happening in Canada for the past two years, I highly recommend following this blog)

One thought on “What do Canada, the US and China have in common?”

  1. What is going on in Canada is obscene. We even have political prisoners now. Art and David Pawlowski are 2 brothers who escaped Polish communism as young boys. Their family moved to Canada and the brothers have been running a small church in Calgary. For more than 20 years their church has been feeding homeless people in Calgary. The Two men refused to shut down their church during COVID. As a result they have been arrested multiple times. Art is currently in solitary confinement for giving a speech at a COVID protest. He has been held without bail for a month with no court date. He has been convicted of no crimes. His brother just got re-arrested for violating the conditions of his parole. He did not finish his community service because he is unvaccinated and all of the approved charities have vaccination policies. Somehow feeding homeless people for 2 decades does not count as community service. One of David’s other parole conditions is that when he speaks he must recite government COVID guidance. In the 7 years under Trudeau Canada has gone from free speech to compelled speech.


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