One Year Ago Today

One year ago, on August 25, 2021, Teachers For Choice of NYC held a rally in front of then-mayor Bill DiBlasio’s office in lower Manhattan to protest mandatory covid vaccinations for NYC teachers and school staff. I was there.

Teachers For Choice “is an organization comprised of teachers and parents that are 100% against forced medical mandates for any American to keep their job, especially educators.”

One year later, on August 25, 2022, Teachers for Choice, along with NY Freedom Rally and other Medical Freedom fighters, marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to protest vaccine mandates in NYC and elsewhere.

Some facts about the covid vaccines:

Yet, vaccine mandates still exist.

I left NYC and now live and work, unvaccinated and unmasked, in another state. Nobody cares or asks me if I’m vaccinated. Today (August 25, 2022) my 47 year old client told me that she had a bad case of Covid earlier in the month although she was vaccinated, boosted and wore an N95 on the airplane (where a covid tracking app told her she apparently caught it).

Since the beginning of all this, I have never been sick with Covid-19 or anything else. I lived and worked in NYC until December 31, 2021–the month Mayor DeBlasio mandated that all private sector employees must be vaccinated.

Up until then, I covid-tested regularly for almost 18 months straight and never was positive. Throughout the fall of 2021 I tested every week, while my vaccinated and equally vulnerable colleagues did not test at all. Testing was necessary, so the fearful vaccinated would feel safer around me, although many still refused to be in my presence after demanding I disclose my private health information.

“It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn’t”

For example, I was called up and berated by an angry husband for being unvaccinated because his wife fled from me in fear after I honestly answered her intrusive question (“Are you vaccinated?”).

I was afraid too. Afraid of injecting a vaccine into my body with mRNA technology never before used in humans, that would instruct my cells to replicate the toxic spike protein found in the SarsCoV2 virus, possibly indefinitely. Vaccine that were by then known to have caused myocarditis and blood clots, and had about six months of trials and testing behind them. Trials that were conducted by the same company that made that vaccine and stood to profit billions from it. But his wife’s feelings were legitimate, while mine were not.

I also wore a medical grade N95 mask at work to help others to feel safer around me, although I lacked the equipment to fit-test my mask and was therefore using it inappropriately. But it looked serious, and that was the important thing. Meanwhile my co-workers continued to wear completely useless cloth and paper masks.

Masks that do not block viral particles.

It is absolutely insane that up until I moved, I was treated like a contagious disease-carrier at all times.

It is downright pathological that my healthy body was considered “unsafe” and that I was expected to “protect others” from virus that I never even had.

For a disease that has a near 100% survival rate, no less.

3 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today”

  1. Nice to see you posting again Erica. The people who felt safer around you because you wore an N95 mask were as deluded as the people who thought every unvaccinated person is automatically a carrier. Masks are used to prevent particles from coming in not to prevent particles from going out. N95 masks are a very effective breathing barrier. So much so that when you exhale almost all of your breath escapes around the mask. Nothing is filtered because nothing passes through the weave of the mask. Contrary to all the health advice masks do not protect anyone else. They can protect the user but even N95 masks might not do that. An N95 mask will filter 95% of all particles 0.3 micron and larger. The virus is 0.1 micron. I looked for data to show how effective they are at 0.1 micron and I could not find it. The efficiency for particles that small could be effectively zero.


    1. “My mask protects you…your mask protects me” Wrong. Another catchy slogan based on a lie. Thanks for this very clear explanation of why masks do not “protect others” and made nobody safer at work except possibly me (and I doubt even that was the case).


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