RI bill would financially penalize, double-tax the unvaccinated

U.S. Senator Samuel Bell (D-RI) recently introduced a bill that would fine unvaccinated Rhode Islanders $50 a month and double their personal income taxes.

This mandate extends to all residents age 16 and older, as well as non-residents who work in Rhode Island. Any requests for a medical exemption to the mandate must be signed and notarized by three doctors. However, the Department of Health has the power to reject any exemption it deems insufficient.

Although every single student and staff member at Columbia University is required to be vaccinated and boosted, they are once again mandated to wear masks in the classroom. The belief is that the masks are needed to protect these people from the coronavirus. Let me repeat: a fully vaccinated and boosted population (100% compliance) is still required to mask. This is the case at several U.S. universities.

Last year, the world saw the only nation to be 100% vaccinated experience a subsequent 20% rise in covid cases and cancel their Christmas celebrations. Covid in Gibraltar is still classed as “level three: high” by the CDC although many there are boosted as well.

If you can still catch the virus after getting injected (multiple times) then the vaccine doesn’t work. Vaccines make you immune to a virus and this one doesn’t. The Director of the CDC has clearly and definitively stated that the vaccines do not stop transmission of the virus.

The vaccines supposedly ensure that you won’t die from (with?) covid, but data and the persistent desire of some to keep everyone masked regardless of vaccination status, seems to indicate otherwise.

There is no logical or moral rationale for coercing or punishing anyone who does not take this vaccine which (like many medications) comes with the risk of serious side effects and cannot stop viral transmission. In fact, Pfizer has stated that covid cannot be eradicated and the (already highly survivable) virus will become endemic.

Instead of using scientific fact and logical reasoning to justify this divisive and very financially threatening bill, Senator Bell indulged in emotional web-spinning that provided no justification for it whatsoever. His infant son’s lung condition has made the Senator “more compassionate” and he is afraid his son won’t be able to interact with people. Senator Bell went on to say:

“Thousands of Rhode Islanders have died. I’ve had really painful calls from constituents who can’t go to the store because they’re immunocompromised, who have lost loved ones from the pandemic, who are really ill and not fully recovered.”

There are hundreds of viruses, bacteria and pathogens out there that could harm the immunocompromised. It’s too bad the vaccines will never rid the world of covid, and don’t have the full faith of the vaccinators who still want the vaccinated to mask. If they to want to keep masking the vaccinated, the vaccines must not be very effective. The vaccine makers have really let the immunocompromised down.

The American public deserves so much better than this Senator, who gave absolutely no scientific rationale to justify a financially punitive vaccine mandate. He thinks the vaccine commercials put out by the U.S. Government and funded by American taxpayers have made his argument for him, and he is hoping none of his constituents have wondered why the all the possible side effects aren’t named like they are in the other drug commercials.

Apparently this bill is unpopular with the public, in fact some Rhode Island residents called their representatives wondering if the bill was an internet hoax. Some Senators who originally supported it have since distanced themselves.

It is expected that this bill, which was introduced on March 1, 2022 without much press and was only recently brought to the public’s attention by a concerned Rhode Island citizen, will not pass. But these days, you cannot be sure of anything.

One thought on “RI bill would financially penalize, double-tax the unvaccinated”

  1. Politicians are claiming that no one is forced to take the vaccine while they introduce financial penalties for anyone who does not. I am Canadian and my marginal tax rate last year was 48%. If my income tax was doubled for being unvaccinated my marginal rate would be 96%. Why the hell would I bother working and how does forcing me out of the labor market improve public health?


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